Error message

C350 Axis module %.2s not ready

Cause of error

- Safety relay not on (e.g. connectors X71 and X72 of the UV, X73 of the HEIDENHAIN expansion board for Simodrive)
- PWM bus cable interrupted
- Interruption in the electrical cabinet
- Defective axis module
- PWM interface on the control defective
- No pulse release for the axis module
- Uz too high
- 5V power supply too weak
- Inverter not ready
- Motor control board defective
- PWM cable defective
- Noise signals

Error correction

- Inform your service agency
- Check the control and cabling of the pulse release
- Check Uz
- If the power supply is not regenerative, is the braking resistor connected?
- If the power supply is regenerative, is the energy recovery activated?
- Check the cable ground and shield
- Exchange the power module
- For P controls, exchange the interface card
- Exchange the motor control board