Error message

B800 CC%d safe input %d not equal

Cause of error

- A safety-related input of the CC is longer than
400 ms unequal to MC
- Different levels at the safety module input:
4 = Acknowledgement of switch-off
8 = Safe reduced velocity of axes/spindle
10 = Safe reduced velocity of auxiliary axes
11 = Operating mode 3(detachable-key switch 1, Pos3)
(safe controlled stop of axes/spindle)
18 = Operating mode 2 (detachable-key switch 1,Pos2)
19 = Operating mode 4 (detachable-key switch 2)
- Wiring error X65, X66, (X67)
Safety module defective

Error correction

Check the wiring X65, X66, (X67)
Exchange the safety module
- Generate the service files and notify the Service Department