Error message

Data transfer erroneous

Cause of error

E During data transfer with BCC the <NAK> signal
was received 15 times in succession.
A to H Error code of the receiver module with one
w/o E of the following causes:
- The baud rate settings of the TNC and peripheral
device do not match.
- The parity bit is erroneous.
- Erroneous data frame
(e.g.: no stop-bit).
- The receiver module of the interface is
K During transmission of an error to the TNC the
<1> character was not transmitted after the <ESC>
L After the error sequence <ESC><1> an incorrect
error number was received (error numbers 0 to 7
are permitted).
M During data transmission with BCC the <NAK>
character was transmitted 15 times in succession.
N An expected acknowledgment <ACK> or <NAK> was not
transmitted after a certain time.

Error correction

Check the data transfer channel.