Error message

8A90 Safety module %.2s

Cause of error

- Not a safety-oriented control:
- The drive cannot be switched on because the safety module is locked
- Switch-off of the drive through removal of the external drive enabling at the input of the safety module
- Safety module is defective (exchange)
- Safety-oriented control:
- Drive cannot be switched on because of the operating status of the machine
- Drive was switched off because of a change to an illegal operating status of the machine

Error correction

- Inform your service agency
- Safety module is connected only to CC:
- Switch the external drive enabling over the corresponding input at the safety module (apply 24 V)
- Safety modules are connected at MC and CC:
- All drives:
- Check the function of the protective door contact
- Cancel the emergency stop
- Only spindle drive:
- Check the tool holder (closing)
- Check the permissive key
- Check the position of the detachable-key switch
- Exchange the safety module(s)