Error message

Excessive servo lag in %.2s

Cause of error

The servo lag of a moving axis is greater than the value given in machine parameter MP1720 (in lag mode) or MP 1420 (feedforward mode).
- Tool is worn
- Excessive machining feed rate
- Spindle speed too low
- Insufficient lubrication
- Mechanical stiffness
- Machine vibration
- Hardware error in the control loop
- Analog axes: Excessive drift
- Analog axes: Defective tachometer
- Analog axes: Defective carbon brushes

Error correction

- Replace the worn tool
- Reduce the contouring feed rate, increase the rotational speed
- Check the lubrication
- Remove mechanical stiffness
- Remove any possible sources of vibration
- Analog axes: Adjust the drift
- Analog axes: Replace the carbon brushes of the tachometer, adjust the tachometer
- Analog axes: Replace the carbon brushes of the motor
- Inform your service agency if the error occurs frequently.