Error message

8B40 No drive release %.2s

Cause of error

- Inverter not ready
- No pulse release for the power module
- Uz too high
- Power-fail signal active
- With M controls: I32 input inactive
- With P controls: Drive enabling at X50 inactive
In addition, for 246 261-xx (digital current controller):
- For the given axis an illegal motor model (e.g. linear motor) was selected.
- The CC receives a "Drive on" command for a nonexistent axis.
- The power module is not ready when the field orientation starts.
Readiness of the power module is detected through the Ready signal on the PWM cable.
- The power module is not ready when the current controller adjustment begins.

Error correction

- Inform your service agency
- Check the activation and wiring of the pulse release
- Check Uz
- Check the emergency stop circuit
- For a non-regenerative system: Is the braking resistor connected?
- For a regenerative system: Is the energy recovery activated?
- Check the cable ground and shield
- Exchange the power module
- For SIEMENS power converter (inverter): Exchange the interface card
- Exchange the drive control board