Error message

C5F0 Wrong position-encod. input

Cause of error

- An incorrect input was selected for the position encoder (MP110.x/MP111.x)
- Possible configurations CC424:
6 control loops: X201 to X206
8 control loops: X201 to X208
10 control loops: PWM outputs X51 to X56: X201 to X206
PWM outputs X57 to X60: X207 to X210
- Possible configuration CC61xx:
PWM output <-> position encoder
X51 <-> X201
X52 <-> X202
X53 <-> X203
X54 <-> X204
X55 <-> X205
X56 <-> X206

Error correction

- Inform your service agency
- Check MP110.x/MP111.x