Error message

Motion monitoring error 
in %.2s A

Cause of error

The axis is moving at least 4 times slower or faster than commanded by the nominal speed command output.
- Large backlash (ball screw, gear, belt, coupling, etc.)
- Tool is worn
- Excessive machining feed rate
- Spindle speed too low
- Insufficient lubrication
- Mechanical stiffness
- Machine vibration
- Analog axes: Excessive drift
- Analog axes: Defective tachometer
- Analog axes: Defective carbon brushes

Error correction

- Check machine parameter 1140.x
- Remove any large backlash
- Replace the worn tool
- Check the lubrication
- Remove mechanical stiffness
- Analog axes: Adjust the drift
- Analog axes: Replace the carbon brushes of the tachometer, adjust the tachometer
- Analog axes: Replace the carbon brushes of the motor
- Inform your service agency.