Error message

C038 Voltage monitoring CC%d voltage ID: %d

Cause of error

- The voltage monitoring of the CC supply voltage reports an error in the CC displayed.
- The cause of the error message could be the 5 V power supply of the CCs over the power bus (X69). With large line lengths on the power bus, the 5 V power supply may have to be wired additionally over X74. (Use short line lengths
and large line cross section, and check voltage drops on lines between X74.)
- Defective power supply unit in the supply module (5 V power pack in the UV).

Error correction

- Establish a 5 V supply between the supply module and the CCs via X74
- Check the 5 V power supply (usually on supply module X74)
- Check the 5 V power supply on all CCs (X74/CC)
- Check the supply bus (X69)
- Check the wiring:
- Wiring of the supply bus (X69)
- Wiring of the 5 V supply (X74)
- Check the cable length of the supply bus (X69),
if necessary use double lines
- Check the 5 V supply voltage at X74 of all CCs
if necessary, increase the wire cross sections or reduce the cable length
- Check the voltage attenuation on the cable between X74 on the
supply module and X74 on the CCs
- Exchange the power supply
- Exchange defective hardware (CC)
- Inform your service agency, stating the alarm number and Voltage ID