Error message

A8F0 Drive lock %s - STO safety function is active

Cause of error

- Drive switch-on was prevented because the safety function STO is presently active for this drive.
- The STO safety function could not be exited. Exiting the STO safety function requires the following:
The activation of the axis group through the SPLC program (PP_AxGrpActivate of the associated axis group)
Enabling of the drive by the SPLC program (PP_AxFeedEnable of the associated axis)
The switch-on command of the PLC program (PLC Module 9161)
- If the message appears during the current controller adjustment of the spindle, the "spindle start" key was not pressed before the adjustment was started.

Error correction

- Press the "spindle start" key before the spindle adjustment
- Press the key for moving the axis on the machine control panel for a longer time
- Optimize program processes in the PLC and SPLC program
- Check the SPLC program and correct if necessary
- Inform your service agency