Error message

E01C CC%d Illegal FS function ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

Cause of error

- The SPLC program has requested an illegal safety function over PP_AxGrpStateReq in the ApiToSafety (symbolic memory interface of SPLC to the core safety software SKERN).
ERR-ID = Exact information
ObjId = Axis group causing the error
Param = Depends on the ERR-ID
500: The SPLC requested the safety function STO or STO_O for an axis group whose drives are still in the control loop. The requested safety function can be requested only if all drives of this axis group have been switched off.
Parameter = Value of the required safety function

Error correction

- Check the ERR ID:
500 - Switch-off with the stop functions over PP_AxGrpStopReq.
- Inform your service agency