Program Continuation:

Channel %1 block %2 CHANDATA instruction cannot be executed. Channel %3 is not active

%1 = Channel number

%2 = Block number, label

%3 = String (CHANDATA parameter)

With a CHANDATA instruction, the data input for a channel is selected that has not been activated. For structural reasons, the input of multi-channel data must take place twice.

-    Interpreter stop

-    NC Start disable in this channel.

-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

Please inform the authorized personnel/service department.

Activate the channel concerned by means of machine data or option data or Cancel the CHANDATA instruction and all following assignments to channel data. This error message occurs regularly when first reading in an INITIAL Init block with which a multi-channel system is to be installed. In this case:

1.    NCK Restart must be executed in order to activate the global machine data already input for the installation of the other channels.

2.    Input of the INITIAL Init block must be repeated.

Switch control OFF - ON.


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