Correspondence between marker of channel %1 and channel %2 is invalid.

%1 = Channel ID %2 = Channel ID

This channel defines a WAIT marker with other channels, which on their part have no correspondence with this wait marker.

This channel's WAIT marker has no explicit counterpart in the other channel; i.e. the channels do not mutually wait.

Example Ch 3Ch5Ch7

WAITM(99,3,5)    WAITM(99,3,5)    WAITM(99,5,7)

The wait markers in channels 3 and 5 mutually wait for each other and channel 7 only waits for channel 5. Therefore, channel 7 may continue when 5 and 7 have reached the wait marker, but channel 3 is still far in front of the wait marker.

When it continues, channel 7 deletes its wait marker. When wait marker 99 is reached again, you can no longer determine the behavior precisely.



- Alarm display.

In each wait marker, list all channels with which you want to synchronize, or suppress the alarm with $MN_SUPPRESS_ALARM_MASK, bit 23.

Sample solution A:

Ch 3Ch5Ch7

WAITM(99,3,5,7)    WAITM(99,3,5,7)    WAITM(99,3,5,7)

Sample solution B:

Ch 3Ch5Ch7

WAITM(99,3,5)    WAITM(99,3,5)

WAITM(88.50.7)    WAITM(88.50.7)

Program Continuation:

Sample solution C:

Ch 3Ch5Ch7

WAITM(88.50.7)    WAITM(88.50.7)

WAITM(99,3,5)    WAITM(99,3,5)

Clear alarm with the Delete key or NC START.


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