Program Continuation:

Channel %1 block %2 axis %3 is not an indexing axis

%1 = Channel number

%2 = Block number, label

%3 = Axis name, spindle number

An indexing axis position has been programmed for an axis with the keywords CIC, CAC or CDC that has not been defined as indexing axis in the machine data.

-    Correction block is reorganized.

-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

Please inform the authorized personnel/service department. Remove programming instruction for indexing axis positions (CIC, CAC, CDC) from the NC part program or declare the relevant axis to be an indexing axis.

Indexing axis declaration:

Modify MD 30500: INDEX_AX_ASSIGN_POS_TAB (indexing axis assignment)

The axis will become an indexing axis when an assignment to an indexing position table was made in the stated MD. Two tables are possible (input value 1 or 2).

Modify MD 10900: INDEX_AX_LENGTH_POS_TAB_1 Modify MD 10920: INDEX_AX_LENGTH_POS_TAB_2 (Number of positions for 1st/2nd indexing axis)

Standard value: 0 Maximum value: 60 Modify MD 10910: IN DEX_AX_POS_TAB_1 [n]

Modify MD 10930: INDEX_AX_POS_TAB_2 [n]

(Positions of the 1st indexing axis) The absolute axis positions are entered. (The list length is defined via MD 10900).

Clear alarm with NC START or RESET key and continue the program.

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