Program Continuation:

Axis %1 error in data cross check: static actual value difference

%1 = Axis number

Via the data cross check between NCK and 611D monitoring channel, a difference in actual values was detected, which is greater than the maximum tolerance defined in MD $MA_SAFE_POS_TOL. This can be checked by means of the safe position values for the two monitoring channels displayed in the service menu.

The alarm is displayed only, if monitoring with absolute reference (SE/SN) has been enabled for the specified axis and if the user enable has been set. The alarm is cleared, as soon as the user enable is deleted or the actual value difference between the two monitoring channels falls again below the maximum permissible difference.

- Alarm display.

If the alarm is present statically, the user enable must be deleted. When the control is then rebooted, the machine can be brought to the safe state again and operation resumed by a new referencing process and setting of the user enable. Prior to setting the user enable, the actual position of the axis displayed in the "User enable" screen must be compared with the current machine position. This is obligatory to ensure the proper functioning of the safe limit positions (SE) and safe cams (SN).

A change of the user acknowledgement is only possible with key switch position 3 or after input of a password.

Alarm display showing cause of alarm disappears. No further operator action necessary.


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