Error message

E01C CC%d Illegal FS function ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

Cause of error

- The SPLC program has requested an illegal safety function over PP_AxGrpStateReq in the ApiToSafety (symbolic memory interface of SPLC to the core safety software SKERN).
ERR-ID = Exact information
ObjId = Axis group causing the error
Param = Depends on the ERR-ID
400: The safety function SLS_4 or SLI_4 was requested for a axis group and the function is not enabled.
Param = Requested safety function

Error correction

- Check the ERR ID:
400 - Do not request the safety function, or enable Bit #0 in MP560 Bit#0. (Check the preconditions for enabling)
- Inform your service agency