Installation and setup of the program station TNC640

Installation and setup of the program station TNC640

1. You can download the installation file here (PC software-programming station)

2. Create a directory in which to extract the downloaded file.

3. Open the Directory 340594_002_SP4-(according to the downloaded version)

4. Run Setup. exe

5. Select the English or German installation language.

6. Select Next, I agree with Lic. Terms, install, then finish and restart the computer.

7. Run TNC640 programming station.

8. The screen resolution must be set. -Run TNC Control Panel (at the bottom of the clock)

-click on the More

-click on Settings-the menu with the Dispeje setting is displayed and the keyboard is set to the resolution 1024×768

9. Restart and run TNC640 programming Station

10. Clear errors and translate PLC-twice Press the CE key

11. Setting up the Czech language

-program edit

-mod-Enter password 95148

-Softklavesa Config data

-click on System


-click ENGLISH from the Select CZECH


-STORE Now we have the system switched to Czech.

12. Shutting down the system we always perform softkeys off we never use a cross to close a window.

13. PC Keyboard Layout