Tool table configuration (Heidenhain TNC530)

 Tool table configuration is provided in the MP parameters, parameter 7266.

Password for editing :123

MP7266 Elements of the tool table
MP7266 can also be overwritten by the PLC and the LSV2
Input: 0: No display
1 to 99: Position in the tool table

MP7266.0 16-character alphanumeric tool name (NAME)
MP7266.1 Tool length (L)
MP7266.2 Tool radius (R)
MP7266.3 Tool radius 2 for toroidal cutter (R2)
MP7266.4 Oversize in tool length (DL)
MP7266.5 Oversize in tool radius (DR)
MP7266.6 Oversize in tool radius 2 (DR2)
MP7266.7 Locked tool? (TL)
MP7266.8 Replacement tool (RT)
MP7266.9 Maximum tool age, M4543 (TIME1)
MP7266.10 Maximum tool age TOOL CALL (TIME2)
MP7266.11 Current tool age (CUR.TIME)
MP7266.12 Comment on the tool (DOC)
MP7266.13 Number of tool teeth (CUT)
MP7266.14 Wear tolerance for tool length (LTOL)
MP7266.15 Wear tolerance for tool radius (RTOL)
MP7266.16 Cutting direction of the tool (DIRECT)
MP7266.17 Additional information for PLC, module 9093 (PLC)
MP7266.18 Tool offset for tool length (TT:LOFFS)
MP7266.19 Tool offset for tool radius (TT: ROFFS)
MP7266.20 Breakage tolerance for tool length (LBREAK)
MP7266.21 Breakage tolerance for tool radius (RBREAK)
MP7266.22 Tooth length (LCUTS)
MP7266.23 Plunge angle (ANGLE)
MP7266.24 Tool type (TYP)
MP7266.25 Tool material (TMA)
MP7266.26 Cutting-data table (CDT)
MP7266.27 PLC value (PLC-VAL)
MP7266.28 Probe center offset in reference axis (CAL-OF1)
MP7266.29 Probe center offset in minor axis (CAL-OF2)
MP7266.30 Spindle angle during calibration (CAL-ANG)
MP7266.31 Tool type for pocket table (PTYP) 340 420-02
MP7266.32 Maximum shaft speed [1/min] (NMAX) 340 422-03,
340 480-03
MP7266.33 Retract tool (LIFTOFF) 340 422-06,
340 480-06