Sinumerik Simodrive 840d Battery Replacement

If the battery is low(alarm 2100), the battery must be replaced within six weeks. The battery is located at the bottom of the NCU box (see picture).

Battery type Order Number: 6FC5247-0AA06-0AA0

Exchange procedure:

1. Switch off the machine.

2. Pull out the fan module with the battery (see figure), There is a latch on the lower side of the
slide-in module. Press this latch up and pull the slide-in module forwards and out at the same time.

3. Replace the battery(or Install the new slide-in module(, the battery(modul) must be replaced within 15 minutes, or the data will be lost!!!

4. Switch the controller on again, the battery alarm should now be off.

Battery life is approximately 3 years.