Heidenhain MC 6441, MC 6541, MC 6641 buffer battery replacement

Before replacing the backup battery, create a data backup (including PLC memory -remanent data!!!).

When replacing the backup battery, remember:

-turn off the machine and the TNC 640.
  -the buffer backup battery may only be changed by trained personnel.
  -when replacing the backup battery, provide protection against electrostatic discharge. Improper handling may result in damage to components or assemblies due to ESD (electrostatic discharge short circuit)!

Battery type: 1 lithium battery CR 2450N (Renata), ID 315878-01

Battery replacement: Backup battery buffer is on mc main board

– Loosen the screws securing the MC casecover

– Remove the backup battery buffer cover is located on the edge of the PCB

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See picture for batteries