Data backup using TNC Remo (Heidenhain)

  Backing up data with TNCremoNT

(1 run TNCremo and connect to the machine.

(2 click tools → backup/restore

(3 after opening the TNCbackup window, click file → show file list → all TNC files

(5 Enter the key number 807667

(6 Select the files to be backed up. Click execute → backup files F8

(7 Enter the name of the backed up file, e.g. Aaaaaa


  Restore data

(1 click tools → backup/restore

(2 When the TNCbackup window opens, click file → open… (select Backup)

(3 Select the files you want to restore.

(4 click Done-Restore F9

Note: When a new machine is used to install the PLC, complete all steps listed above and reset the PLC’s non-transient bookmarks and words in RAM by inserting the number 531210.